Is Your Business Up and Running?

If Yes - Well Done You!

Here at Microfinance Ireland, helping businesses succeed and creating jobs is at the heart of what we do.

If your business is up and running at this stage, you have undoubtedly already encountered many challenges along the way so a big well done for getting to this stage!

As well as providing loans to small businesses, we also want to support you by providing useful information to help give you the best chance of success when growing your business.

In order to develop your business further, there are a few areas which you should think about and we hope you find these articles useful.


Click the links below for more information on: 

#1 Managaing Business Cash flow        

#2 Building An Online Presence For Your Business 


#3 CRM - Keeping Customers and Growing Your Business  #4 Top Tips For Building a Reputable Business

Use our business loan calculator so that you know exactly how much a Microfinance Ireland loan will cost you.Loan Calculator


Having difficulty with preparing your Business Plan or your Cashflow Forecast as part of  your Microfinance Ireland application?

Have a look at our Blogs for information that can help you prepare your Business Plan and Cash flow Forecast.

Click Here for help with Cashflow Forecast 


Click Here for help with Business Plan